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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Nana - Older Sister is a Pervert Teacher

Summary: Nana is absolutely stunning in this movie just like all of her movies that's out there. Her fascinating sex scenes, and her beautiness along with her milky white skin deserves a major attention to see this movie. NOt many actresses can do what she is capable of doing

Scene 1: Wow...lovely Nana on the bed a sleep. But, she's NAKED!!! Her brother wakes her up, Nana is in a hot sexual mood. The sister-brother relationship turns into a sex fantasy. A good way to start the introduction.

Scene 2: Have you guys ever thought of getting a head from your high school teachers when you guys are attending or have attended? This scene will fullfil your desire because Nana is a perfect teacher ready to get banged.

Scene 3: Nana is being a bad girl by giving her boss/principal a blowjob. The principal is really not as happy the way how her performance have been. In order to stick to the job she likes, she has to give a little more to the principal.

Scene 4: Nana can really read English fluently. I thought she was just a regular Japanese only can speak her native language. After giving them the lesson, she does what she does best to any guys out there. Giving the best handjob and blowjob.

Scene 5: This student of hers is injured, and she is checking up on him. He doesn't feel to good, so she made him feel good by giving him a blowjob. Good deal!

Scene 6: She is a crazy woman who got a lot of wild sparks in her. I would like to have a teacher just like her who she will punish me whenever I do not do any work in her class. I mean...she ties your hands up, and blind folds you. This is where it gets intresting. See for yourselves.

Scene 7: This is the longest scene of all. The director put the best scene in this movie the very last. Nana gets really enjoy to watch when she's screaming out loud while there is a vibrator stuck inside her clit. Looks real, and not one of those fake moaning that you see from other actresses. Very good scene!


Nana - Virtual Love with Nana

Summary: Nana looks really comfortable in this one. You won't be disappointed with her blowjobs, as she really knows how to tease, and she enjoys each and every one that she gives (and there are a lot of them in this vid). Definitely one of the best in BJs! Great bod, and she really enjoys the sex in every scene!

Scene 1: The scene starts with her talking and then kissing the cameraman. The cameraman then unzips her top and starts fondling her breasts. He slides off his pants and she proceeds to show him her awesome blowjob technique, really relishing it. He soon comes in her mouth and she spits it out.

Scene 2: She's in a schoolgirl outfit, showing off her English with words like "tongue". A guy starts fondling her breasts. Then she says "suck my tits". Yeah babay! More fingering action follows and she's really loving it. His pants are off and another awesome blowjob follows - she really knows how to tease.

Scene 3: She comes in with a white overcoat which is stripped off to reveal her in a white teddy, and a ribbon - she's the present of a guy who is celebrating his birthday! The teddy doesn't stay on for long and the action begins. He sucks her tits, licks her and fingers her till she's really wet. This moves on to her signature blowjob and the guy proceeds to screw her in a variety of positions including with her on top and doggystle, before coming on her tits.

Scene 4: She comes into the room to wake the guy up taking off his clothes then hers. She gives him a wet towel rub down, naturally giving his dick too some extra cleaning. She then climbs into bed with him.

Scene 5: A guy is wanking with porn mags everywhere on the floor. She walks in, then starts on a handjob and blowjob and finishes him off.

Scene 6: She's in a room sitting on a bed. The guy starts to fondle her and soon, his pants is off and the blowjob begins. Its her turn to be fingered and licked before she is screwed in a multitude of positions. He comes on her breasts.

Scene 7: She's on a bed again but with a little egg vibrator. She tests it on both lips before using it to make her come. She uses a big roatating dildo next which also makes her come.

Scene 8: Nana is cleaning the house, and when through with that, a guy then strips off his pants and she gamely gives him a blowjob. Some dick to tit teasing before she finishes him off, with him coming on her tits.

Scene 9: She comes in physical education attire to help the guy with his exercises. When he's done, they get on with some real exercises. Soon she's on a couch with her clothes off and she gets her pussy eaten. She reciprocates with her blowjob which involves some real active tongue action. Some fucking action begins, and she gets done in a variety of positions, including an atheletic doggy style one, and at the end, she takes it on the face.

Scene 10: She brings the guy to the toilet to give him a good soap and scrub. Naturally, she spends some extra time cleaning and soaping his dick. She tend strips down, and rubs her naked body on the guy's body. She finishes him off with a handjob and plays with his cum.


Nana - Digital Mosaic 56

Summary: WOW! Nana is sooooo hot in this movie. This one is about 3 hours long. She looks different and yet hot in each scene. You get pleanty of action. Great Movie. If you're only gonna choose one, make this your choice. I've seen quite a few movies and this one ranks on the top. Have fun!

Scene 1: Wow. What can I say? This hot movie begins with her on a couch in a condo. She's a little shy at first but warms up quickly. The male pleasures her orally and then fingers her pussy. Nana is not only hot but she also knows how to please a guy. She takes the entire dick orally and gives a perfect rim job. With a figure like hers, i can't find any problems. The first great scene lasts 40 minutes.

Scene 2: Wow. This girl is fluent in english too. I guess she is miked. This scene is title "Nana's Lounge". She's in a hot pink and white shirt and says "Welcome to my lounge, please come this way". Wow. Yes Madam! She has her hair tied up and looks HOT. She looks hot in this blowjob scene!!

Scene 3: The third scene is a threesome scene. As usual she looks hot even while the guys fuck her. She screams as the guys have sex with her, of course, even the way she screams sounds hot. You can tell she really enjoys sex.

Scene 4: The fourth scene is a masterbation scene. Her pussy must be tired. She'll use many toys and dildos.

Scene 5: The fifth scene takes place in a dream. She has two guys' hands on her rubing her pussy and breasts.

Scene 6: In this scene they're playing with those dildo's with a camera inside. You'll get to explore her various parts in this scene. She's in a white shirt and brown skirt. She's also lightly tied up in this scene. She'll get fucked one last time!